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Office carpet Supplier Singapore - Wall to wall carpet | Carpet tile

Curtex Pte Ltd carries a good reasonable range of carpet for office. We supply as well as install or fit up the carpets, for new office and change or replacing of existing old office carpet with new.

Curtex has been in this business for more then 40 years. You can be assured we would only recommend office carpet not only for its appropriate use, we will also take care not to burst your budget. Together with our excellent skilful carpet installer or layer, the office carpet when fixed will last for many years to come (depend very much on the quality of carpet selected).

here are many types of carpets which can be use in the office. Carpet tiles, modular carpet or carpet square, roll carpet or broadloom carpet. The make can be of loop pile, cut, or a mixture of them. They can be make from olefin, PP or polypropylene, nylon or wool.

As for the price or cost of office carpet, it very much depends on the materials and make of the carpet chosen.

Here are some pointers you may want to consider when choosing and buying office carpets for your office.

Carpet for office or office carpet is also known as commercial carpet. Office carpet are use to make the office or commercial space presentable. They are usually design for heavy traffic usage. Office carpet can comes in the form of carpet tiles or roll carpet.

When you are choosing carpet for your office, you would have many things to think off and many different options to select from. Carpets have lots of design, styles, colors, textures and fibers, Within them there are many different types of qualities
Two of the most popular types of office carpet are the loop pile and cut pile.

Loop pile has individual strands of yarn pulled through the backing of the carpet twice, which creates a small loop. Loop pile choices include berber, cable, or sisal. For high traffic areas, loop pile is an excellent choice.

The cut pile has the loop cut at the top, leaving tufts of yarn that stand straight up. Cut pile is normally more durable than looped pile. Cut piles come in styles such as shag, textured, saxony, and velvet.
Even though there is nothing more luxurious than having wool carpet in your office, most of us can't afford wool. If you are able to afford wool carpets you'll find that even though it costs more to install, it will prove to be far more superior than any other type of carpeting. There is no man made carpet fiber that come close to the durability, rich look, or even the feel of wool - which can also last for many many years.

Acrylic carpet is very similar to wool, and sometimes referred to as man made wool. It is resistant to moisture, fading, mildew, crushing, and staining. This type of acrylic carpet is not recommended for high traffic areas (office carpet).

Nylon carpet is a highly popular choice, it is recommended for high traffic areas. Nylon is one of the most expensive types of synthetic fibers, although it is still cheaper than wool.

Carpet made from olefin, PP or polypropylene material has the lowest cost. It can be used for indoor and outdoor carpeting. Olefin is colorfast, strong and is very easy to clean. One of the draw backs to olefin is that it can easily be crushed. For those who have a tight budget and cost conscious, olefin or PP carpet is the best choice.
Another consideration you'll have is the color and patterns of the carpet. Light carpeting color help to create a spacious effect, making the room appear to be larger. Light color carpets will of course, show much more soil than dark colors.

Dark color are ideal for areas that are easily stain such as high traffic area of the office. There are many different varieties of dark colors, which is great for those interested in style.
If you end up selecting light color for areas which are easily stains, you'll find yourself having to work twice as hard to make the stains less noticeable. It would be easier to select a dark color and make it easier on yourself.

Buy from the best dealer in town: It is very important to select a good dealer while buying a commercial carpet. The dealer must be in a position to offer good quality carpet at competitive prices.

Carpet Layer: While the above is important when buying office or commercial carpet, it is also important that a good carpet installer or layer do the work of putting the office or commercial carpet in place. This would prevent sloppy workmanship which would affect the performance of the carpet.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Setup in 1976. Curtex Pte Ltd Singapore has over 40 years of experience as a supplier and distributor of carpets for events and exhibitions. Thru out the years we have expanded our range of items to not only cater for the events and exhibitions sectors but also for residential and commercial needs.

EVENTS : Carpet for exhibitions stands, fairs at Convention centres, hotel ball rooms, shopping malls, commercial offices. We carry wide range of carpet from needlepunch to high quality velour carpet.

GRASS CARPET : Artificial grass carpet from basic greens for events and exhibitions to real grass look alike for gardens, balconies, roof terraces, patios, putting golf green.

VINYL FLOORING : Whether you prefer a classic or a resolutely modern design you will always find a Vinyl floor covering which is right for you. From wooden floor planks, plain allovers to tiles, the possibilities in terms of designs are as varied as you could wish.
As for the colour range, it is impressive and seems to offer an infinite variety.

OFFICE CARPET : Our wide range of carpet flooring products available in square tile, planks and carpet rolls. Available in basic polypropolene or high quality nylon or wool yarns. For shops, office, residential and commercial areas.